Release 6.2.2

eduTrac SIS 6.2.2 was released on Monday, January 18, 2016.

Installation / Update

To download the new eduTrac SIS release, you can either download it from this site if you have an account, or you can register for a free account or you can download it from SourceForge.

Check out the following information on updating a current installation: Updating eduTrac SIS.

If you are new to eduTrac SIS, then it is recommended that your start with the following articles:


Course Section

  • #42 – Fixed deleting and flushing of course section cache.


  • #41 – Made myeduTrac welcome message filterable.

System Emails

  • #40 – Fixed issue with emails not parsing correctly.


  • #39 – Fixed issue with primary email address not being updated in address table.


  • Updated release API.
  • Replaced old plugin dir constant.
  • Relocated release api and renamed class.
  • Relocated core custom field library.
  • Relocated core email class.


  • Relocated cache libraries.
  • Fixed issue with unlinking a directory for stale cache.

Exception / Error

  • Renamed is_et_error to is_etsis_error.
  • Relocated exception/error class and renamed functions accordingly.


The following modules will need to be updated once you update to the new release.

  • Booking
  • Financial
  • myeduTrac Extended

File Changes

M	app/functions/auth-function.php
M	app/functions/core-function.php
M	app/functions/deprecated-function.php
M	app/functions/global-function.php
M	app/functions/hook-function.php
M	app/functions/program-function.php
M	app/functions/section-function.php
M	app/functions/textdomain-function.php
M	app/routers/appl.router.php
M	app/routers/cron.router.php
M	app/routers/error.router.php
M	app/routers/person.router.php
M	app/routers/section.router.php
M	app/routers/student.router.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Abstract_Cache.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Cache_APC.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Cache_Cookie.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Cache_Filesystem.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Cache_JSON.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Cache_Memcache.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Cache_XCache.php
D	app/src/Cache/etsis_Object_Cache.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Abstract_Cache.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Cache_APC.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Cache_Cookie.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Cache_Filesystem.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Cache_JSON.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Cache_Memcache.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Cache_XCache.php
A	app/src/Core/Cache/etsis_Object_Cache.php
A	app/src/Core/Exception/BaseException.php
A	app/src/Core/Exception/Exception.php
M	app/src/Core/etsis_Course_Sec.php
A	app/src/Core/etsis_CustomField.php
A	app/src/Core/etsis_Email.php
A	app/src/Core/etsis_Error.php
A	app/src/Core/etsis_Updater.php
M	app/src/CoreUpdate.php
D	app/src/CustomField.php
D	app/src/Email.php
D	app/src/Exception/BaseException.php
D	app/src/Exception/Exception.php
M	app/src/Hooks.php
D	app/src/ReleaseAPI.php
D	app/src/etError.php
M	app/views/dashboard/core-update.php
M	app/views/dashboard/update.php
M	app/views/dashboard/upgrade.php
M	app/views/error/screen-error.php
M	app/views/index/index.php
A	etsis.ini