Filter Reference

dashboard_copyright_footer Filters the copyright message in the dashboard’s footer.
dashboard_student_count Filters the student count dashboard widget.
dashboard_course_count Filters the course count dashboard widget.
dashboard_acadProg_count Filters the academic program count dashboard widget.
update_message Filters the update message when new eduTrac SIS release available.
met_title Filters part of the site title in myeduTrac self service portal.
met_footer_release Filters powered by and release info in myeduTrac self service portal footer.
met_footer_title Filters the title in the footer of the myeduTrac self service portal.
address_type Filters the address type dropdown option.
dept_type Filters the department type dropdown option.
address_status Filters the address status dropdown option.
acad_level Filters the academic level dropdown option.
fee_acad_level Filters the fee academic level dropdown option.
general_status Filters the general status dropdown option.
course_sec_status Filters the course section status dropdown option.
person_type Filters the person type dropdown option.
course_level Filters the course level dropdown option.
instructor_method Filters the instructor method dropdown option.
stu_course_sec_status Filters the student course section status dropdown option.
stu_prog_status Filters the student academic program status dropdown option.
credit_type Filters the credit type dropdown option.
admit_status Filters the admit status dropdown option.
etsis_plugin_activate_message Filters the plugin activation message. It fires after a plugin has been successfully activated.
etsis_plugin_deactivate_message Filters the plugin deactivation message. It fires after a plugin has been successfully deactivated.