Discussion Lists


An important part of any open source project is community. The main reason community is important is because feedback helps make any software better. However, there is another important aspect of community and that is helping each other. Some of you may have tips/tricks, saved queries, or ways of using eduTrac SIS that others may not know about and find beneficial.

Therefore, there are a set of email discussion lists that are available to the users or novice’s of eduTrac SIS. Feel free to join any or all of the discussion lists below. If you need help with installing eduTrac SIS, the check out the support forums.

  • etsis-announce – Announcement list pertaining to eduTrac SIS updates.
  • etsis-bugs – Announcement list pertaining to bugs, but all bugs should be reported on Trac.
  • etsis-core – Discussion around the core development of eduTrac SIS.
  • etsis-docs – Discussion regarding eduTrac SIS Handbook and Online User’s Manual.
  • etsis-reports – Discussion list pertaining to writing and sharing SQL queries for advanced ad-hoc reporting.