Function is used to mark when another function is deprecated and informs when it is being used. This is only triggered when the APP_ENV constant in the root index.php file is set to DEV instead of PROD.


<?php _deprecated_function($function_name, $release, $replacement = null); ?>


$function_name (string) (required) The function that was called.

$release (string) (required) The release of eduTrac SIS that deprecated the function.

$replacement (string) (optional) The function that should have been called. Default null.

Return Values

(string) Returns a message alerting to a deprecated function that should no longer be used.


Subject code dropdown function is replaced with table_dropdown.

function subject_code_dropdown($subjectCode = NULL)
    _deprecated_function(__FUNCTION__, '6.1.12', 'table_dropdown');
    $app = LitenLiten::getInstance();
    $subj = $app->db->subject()
        ->where('subjectCode <> "NULL"');
    $q = $subj->find(function ($data) {
        $array = [];
        foreach ($data as $d) {
            $array[] = $d;
        return $array;
    foreach ($q as $v) {
        echo '<option value="' . _h($v['subjectCode']) . '"' . selected($subjectCode, _h($v['subjectCode']), false) . '>' . _h($v['subjectCode']) . ' ' . _h($v['subjectName']) . '</option>' . "n";


Change Log

Since 6.1.15

Source File

_deprecated_function is located in app/functions/hook-function.php.