What’s New in Upcoming 5.0.13 Release

Addendum: This release became a major release instead of a maintenance release. Check out this post for more info.

The new maintenance release is just around the corner, however this is much more than a maintenance release. The next release will feature quite a few bug fixes, new features and enhancements. Below is a comprehensive list of new features and enhancements included the 5.0.13 release.

Alternate ID – A new alternate ID field will be present on the NAE screen which will allow institutions to use their own format for person identification.

Financial Account History – This new screen will show a student’s history which will include payments and credits. This new feature required database changes and the way billing works.

Email Login Details – When creating a new person record, there will be a checkbox that if checked with send the new user his/her login information.

Email Templates – There is a new email templates screen under the Administrative menu. If a email template was located on a different screen, it will now be located here.

Student Acceptance Letter Template – There is a new option where you can add a customized letter to applicants when they are moved from applicant to stu. There will be setting to turn this off or on which will be located in General Settings.

Cronjob Handlers – Cronjobs will be replaced by cronjob handlers. A set of cronjobs will need to be created via the these instructions.

Rename Error Routers – This needs to change in order not to conflict with normal server settings.

Academic Levels – New academic Levels have been added.

Transcript Template – Now you can create your own custom transcript template and add it to the templates folder on your server.

myeduTrac Layout –¬†Create a copy of the default layout to make your own layout as well as add your own custom css files.

Last Login – On the NAE screen, you can see when a person was last logged in.

Anticipated Graduation Date – The language Estimated Graduation Date is now changed to Anticipated Graduation Date. Also, the date format will be updated from MM/YY to MM/DD/YY.

Username Field – The username filed is added to the application. This is for those institutions who use a certain format for usernames.

Department Contact – Add phone and email fields to department screen.

As mentioned before, there are other bug fixes which are not mentioned here. If you have questions or concerns about the new changes, please feel free to leave your comments below.