Six eduTrac Easter Eggs You Probably Did Not Know

eduTrac is a decent sized system with quite of few background processes running in the background via cron jobs. However, there are other processes that take place when a new student records is created or a student record is updated. It is important to understand what actually is going on so that you may what affect your changes could make for your institution as well as how it will affect other offices within your institution. Below are six things you probably don’t know about eduTrac with regards to student records.

  1. A term GPA is generated for each student per term
  2. When a new program is added to a student, an academic level record is also generated based on the academic level of the program.
  3. eduTrac calculates a student’s load per term.
  4. ‘W’ grades are calculated in the GPA depending on when the student withdraws from the institution.
  5. If student’s are registered in a course section when it is cancelled, all student course sec records will carry a ‘C’ status.
  6. When creating a new student record, the academic program on the application is carried over to the new student record.

These are just a few of the easter eggs that you will find in eduTrac. If you want to know about more easter eggs and about how your eduTrac data is organized, consider taking one of our online courses or make an online appointment for your educational institution.