Best Server Setup for eduTrac

eduTrac is a really robust college management system that allows you to manage the majority of daily tasks with ease. However, due to its size and data collection, it really isn’t ideal to run it on a shared hosting environment. It may be cost effective at first, but when your […]

eduTrac SIS 1.0.4 Release

eduTrac SIS 1.0.4 has been released with an exciting new feature: student accounts. With the student accounts module, you can generate a student bill, add fees, payments, and issue refunds. If you are interested in this new feature, visit the community support site to check out the screenshots and screen […]

eduTrac SIS 1.0.3 Release

eduTrac SIS 1.0.3 fixes issues with the installer. There were several issues with installing the database and creating the super administrator account. Both of these issues are now fix. If you have any issues with installation, please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in downloading and trying […]