eduTrac SIS Release 6.2.0

eduTrac SIS release 6.2.0 is dedicated to Thomas Tallis. Tallis was an English composer of sacred music from Greenwich, England.


Before upgrading to release 6.2.0, the first thing you should do is read through this entire post. The next step is to look through the 6.2.0 reference tag on the Handbook as well as all of the Wiki. This will give you a glance of what has changed and what might or might not affect you when you upgrade.

After you’ve read through everything, make sure that you are using release 6.1.14 before upgrading to release 6.2.0. This is to avoid any issues with the new upgrade API.

Once you are ready to upgrade, you can upgrade your installation by using the automatic upgrade procedure or by manually overwriting your current files with new files via FTP. If you are using any of the paid modules, you must upgrade those as well.

What’s New?

If have any issues with a new installation, please use the Support Forums. On the other hand, if you’ve found a bug after upgrading your current installation, *please* post it to the issue tracker.

Check out the 6.2.0 reference tag via the Handbook for code changes. The Handbook organizes the API in a more readable format, while the Wiki explains and gives code example for API use. The Wiki is still a work in progress, but there should be enough information to help you get started with manipulating functions, actions, and filters without editing the core code.

Below are a short list of changes/updates that can be found in release 6.2.0.