eduTrac SIS 6.2.11 Maintenance Release

eduTrac SIS 6.2.11 maintenance release is available for download/upgrade. To find out more information about this release, visit the release page @ Release 6.2.11.

Current Installations

For those who are currently using eduTrac SIS, it is recommended that you do a manual upgrade. Click here to download the update. Before doing the update, you should read thoroughly through the release notes linked above and then follow the below instructions.

Check the migrations table in your database. If it is empty, you should add these two lines to the table:

INSERT INTO `migrations` VALUES(00000020160916002812, 'InitialSchema', '2016-09-22 03:47:40', '2016-09-22 03:47:48', 0);
INSERT INTO `migrations` VALUES(00000020160916035404, 'CurrencyTable', '2016-09-22 03:47:48', '2016-09-22 03:47:49', 0);

Next, make sure to read Preparing for Release 6.2.11 and make the necessary changes to your config.php and index.php files.

Next, update phinx.php. The migrations path has been updated.

Change this:

"migrations" => "app/src/vendor/Phinx/migrations"

to this:

"migrations" => "app/migrations"

Next, FTP to your server, delete the vendor folder in app/src/, and now overwrite your old files with the files from the zip file you just downloaded.

Next, if you are using modules, they must be updated or your system will through errors.

Lastly, log into your dashboard, check out the new System Snapshot Report screen (Screens > System Snapshot Report). If there are any errors (lines in red), you must fix them.

Addendum – October 13, 2016 @ 5:29 PM EST

New cronjob handler: http://localhost/etsis/cron/runNodeQ/


  1. Panos Papadatos

    a smaller edition of 6.2.11!!

  2. Panos Papadatos

    Is there a only changed files update ????

    1. Joshua Parker

      In the release notes, it states, “There are no database updates for this release.”

      1. Panos Papadatos

        I mean if there is the 6.2.11 release but only with changed files (not all the version of 26MB)

        1. Joshua Parker

          I don’t understand what the issue is.

          1. Joshua Parker

            That is fine. The release notes are there for that reason.