eduTrac SIS 6.2.10 Maintenance Release

eduTrac SIS 6.2.10 maintenance release is available for download/upgrade. To find out more information about this release, visit the release page @ Release 6.2.10.

New Installations

For those of you installing eduTrac SIS 6.2.10+ for the first time, installation instructions have been updated.

Current Installations

For those of you upgrading your current installations, there are few things to note:

  1. There are a lot of new files in this release. If you are worried about browser timeout during the automatic upgrader, click here to download the update. The zip *only* contains files that have been changed as well as new ones since the last update. Just FTP the files to your server.
  2. There is a database upgrade, but database update instructions have been updated.


  1. Teja Majety

    Hi Parker,
    I am not sure if I really updated to 6.2.10, actually as we have already discussed in my previous post in the forum ( I am not able to run some of the commands in the command line and even the database was not updated.
    But I can see 6.2.10 version bottom of my system.
    So as you have previously suggested in the post I did overwrite files with freshly downloaded 6.2.10 version. But nothing changed the result, in fact, I did it several times.
    So is there any other way to know the cause or any particular corrupted file that could cause this situation.
    There are no error logs either, so is there any other way that you could suggest or can I just overwrite with 6.2.11 version?

    1. Joshua Parker

      Just overwrite with 6.2.11 and follow the release notes for 6.2.11.

      1. Teja Majety

        Hi Parker, I think it went well but I didn’t get “currency_code” table in my database. Only migrations table installed.