eduTrac SIS 1.0.2 Release

The eduTrac SIS 1.0.2 release is now here. Included in this new version is a few bug fixes as well as two added features. The first added feature is the parent portal, and the second feature is progress reports. Since eduTrac only supports final grades, we wanted to add a feature that will allow teachers to let parents know how their child(ren) is/are doing before the end of a semester or term. Therefore, when a parent logs into the system, he/she can check grades as well as progress reports if one exists.

If you are interested in downloading and trying it out, you can create an account or download it from SourceForge. If you run into any issues with installation or upgrades, please let us know. We want to make sure that eduTrac runs smoothly for everyone no matter what type of system it is being installed on.

Note: You must be logged in before upgrading to eduTrac SIS 1.0.2, otherwise you will not be able to log in.