eduTrac CE 4.5

eduTrac version 4.5 of the community edition has just been released. As previously mentioned, eduTrac CE and eduTrac ERP are going to merge into a common core application which will allow for more flexibility in development and a better restful api.

This upgrade is more of a bridge in preparation for the 5.0 release which will be pushed out tomorrow afternoon. Please be a aware that this upgrade will cause issues with creating new courses and with course registration. So, it is best that you wait until the 5.0 release before upgrading to 4.5. Nevertheless, It is required that you upgrade to 4.5 before you can upgrade to 5.0.

4.5 is going to do some major database upgradesĀ in prep for 5.0. If you need help with upgrading your eduTrac SIS install, you can hire us to take care of that for you.