eduTrac SIS 6.1.07 Maintenance Release

The eduTrac SIS 6.1.07 maintenance release is now available for download / upgrade. Below are the changes for this new release. A host of brand new action hooks have been added and others have been updated. Check out the Handbook to see a list of hook changes in the 6.1.07 […]

eduTrac SIS 6.1.06 Maintenance Release

eduTrac SIS 6.1.06 maintenance release is now available for download. This release has a few bug fixes and new action hooks listed below. Deprecated action hook: create_db_table Fixed activate and deactivate action hooks: activate_, activate_plugin, activated_plugin, deactivate_, deactivate_plugin, deactivated_plugin Added two new action hooks on the login screen: login_form_top, login_form_bottom […]

eduTrac SIS Is Not a Simple System

When new visitors come across eduTrac SIS, they are excited as well as hoping that it is an alternative for systems such as OpenSIS, Fedena, EduSec and other open source student information systems. However, they quickly learn that it is not the case. Comparing eduTrac SIS with the other systems previously mentioned is […]

Slack for Group Projects

If you have not heard of Slack, it is a team collaboration tool, and it can also be used as a replacement for IRC. Slack is used mostly by businesses for better communication, organization, and file sharing instead of trying to use email to accomplish the same. Slack is becoming […]