Best Server Setup for eduTrac

eduTrac is a really robust college management system that allows you to manage the majority of daily tasks with ease. However, due to its size and data collection, it really isn’t ideal to run it on a shared hosting environment. It may be cost effective at first, but when your […]

Student Restrictions

eduTrac ERP version 4.0.6 was released today. The release includes some new features, bug fixes and enhancements. One of the new features that was added is called Student Restrictions. The student restrictions screen allows a staff member to place a restriction or account hold onto a student’s account. If a […]

Nginx Rewrite for eduTrac

The server requirement for eduTrac has always been Apache. However, for those who would like to install eduTrac on an Nginx powered server, can now do so. Just add the following Nginx rewrite to your vhost: location / { try_files $uri $uri/ @rewrite; } location @rewrite { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?url=$1; […]

eduTrac SIS 1.1.1 Release

The eduTrac SIS 1.1.1 release is here. We recommend that everyone upgrade to the new version. This new release contains two new features that have been requested by users: Batch Fees: instead of creating a bill and/or adding fees one student at a time, now you can create bills or […]

eduTrac SIS 1.0.5 Release

eduTrac SIS version 1.0.5 has been released with an exciting new feature: attendance. Faculty can now take daily attendance in their course sections as well as view attendance reports for each student. Download eduTrac today and try it out. The new version can be downloaded from SourceForge or you can create an account to […]