eduTrac SIS 6.0.03 Maintenance Release

eduTrac SIS 6.0.03 maintenance release is now available for download. Below are the changes/updates in this release. Wrapper functions for the Hooks API were added which will be used more often throughout. This change was also added in order to make the developer site more complete. Fixed CCD and Location […]

eduTrac SIS 6.0.01 Maintenance Release

eduTrac SIS 6.0.01 maintenance release is available for download. In this release you find that eduTrac is sporting a few new UI changes, some changes to the student header on the student screens, as well as the addition of the student header on the myeduTrac self service portal. Login to […]

eduTrac SIS 6.0.00 Release

eduTrac SIS 6.0.00 release is now available for download and/or upgrade. This release is dedicated to Leonard Bernstein, who was an “American conductor, composer, and pianist noted for his accomplishments in both classical and popular music, for his flamboyant conducting style, and for his pedagogic flair, especially in concerts for […]

What’s New in Upcoming 5.0.13 Release

Addendum: This release became a major release instead of a maintenance release. Check out this post for more info. The new maintenance release is just around the corner, however this is much more than a maintenance release. The next release will feature quite a few bug fixes, new features and […]

Proposed 2015 Roadmap

Addendum: Check out the development site for a fuller version of eduTrac SIS’s roadmap. There are not a lot of major updates or new features for eduTrac SIS for the remainder to 2015, but there are some minor changes and enhancements that you should be made aware of. Also note […]