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eduTrac SIS is a term based system. It doesn’t matter how you setup your terms as long as you stay within the following guidelines when setting up your term codes.

The term code should fall within the following format:

The format should be two characters (16, 17, 18, etc.) followed by  a forward slash (/) followed by two or more characters (FA, FA1, FAM1, FAM2, SP, SP1, SPM2, etc). The first two characters designate the year, while the later characters designate the semester.

So, if you wanted to create a fall term for 2016, then your term code should look like this: 16/FA.

FA or SP are example designations for fall and spring terms. FA1, FAM1/2, SP1, SPM1/2 are example designations for mini terms which fall within the dates of the full term.

Last Modified: May 23, 2016 @ 11:38 AM

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