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The student header appears on every student related screen and presents valuable information at hand without having to go back to a student’s person record. The screenshot below explains the elements of the student header.


  • Name: The top upper left of the header is the student’s name.
  • Student ID: The top upper right of the header is the student’s ID. On the student side, the ID is hyperlinked to the student’s personal profile, on the staff side the ID is hyperlinked to SPRO.
  • School Photo: The first column below the name is the student’s photo. If the student’s email is linked to a Gravatar profile, then their gravatar will show up here. If the student instead uploads a photo, then the uploaded photo will be shown. If neither is the case, then a generic photo will serve as a placeholder.
  • Address: The second column after the photo is the student’s current permanent address along with the phone number.
  • Email/DOB/Status: The third column after Address shows the student’s email address, date of birth, and status.
  • FERPA/Restriction/Date: The last column shows FERPA restriction status, shows restrictions if any, and shows the date the student record was created.

If some of your information found in the header is incorrect, contact your Registrar’s Office. Furthermore, If you who would like the FERPA restriction added to your account, contact your Registrar’s Office for that as well.

Last Modified: Jan 20, 2016 @ 6:51 PM

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