Student Bill

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The screenshot below is an example of a student’s bill. Below the screenshot is an explanation of the elements shown on the bill. student-bill

  1. Address – The student’s current permanent address.
  2. Billing Date – Date and time the bill was generated.
  3. Term – Term associated with the bill.
  4. Student/Registration Fee – Are fees associated with theĀ Billing Table.
  5. Course Fees – Sum of fees from the billing portion of registered course sections.
  6. Beginning Balance – Sum of charges the student owes before payments.
  7. Ending Balance – The ending balance could be what the student still owes on the account (if showing red negative balance) or it could be a credit on the account.
  8. Current Balance – If the student has a credit on the account and has been issued a refund, this will show what credit is left on the account if any.
  9. Payment – Payments made on the account.
  10. Refund – Any refunds issued to the student.

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