Student Account Balance

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The following query allows you to run a student account balance when you want to see what students have an outstanding balance grouped by terms. This query will only beĀ useful to those who have purchased the Financial Module.

Release 6.0.01 & Above

SELECT bill.termCode AS Term,bill.stuID AS 'Student ID',
CONCAT(person.lname, ', ', person.fname) AS 'Student Name',
CourseFees AS 'Course Fees',
StuFees AS 'Other Fees',
COALESCE(SUM(CourseFees),0)+COALESCE(SUM(StuFees),0) AS 'Beginning Balance',
COALESCE(SUM(CourseFees),0)+COALESCE(SUM(StuFees),0)+COALESCE(SUM(Payments),0) AS 'Ending Balance',
bill.stu_comments AS 'Student Notes',
bill.staff_comments AS 'Staff Notes',
LastPaid.LastPayment AS 'Last Payment',
LastPaid.PaymentDate AS 'Payment Date'
FROM stu_acct_bill AS bill LEFT JOIN
(SELECT COALESCE(SUM(y.amount),0)*-1 AS 'CourseFees',y.stuID,y.termCode
 FROM stu_acct_fee y
 WHERE type = 'Tuition'
 GROUP BY y.stuID,y.termCode) saf 
 ON bill.stuID = saf.stuID AND bill.termCode = saf.termCode
 (SELECT COALESCE(SUM(a.amount),0)*-1 AS 'StuFees',a.stuID,a.termCode
 FROM stu_acct_fee a
 WHERE type = 'Fee'
 GROUP BY a.stuID, a.termCode) student_fee
 ON bill.stuID = student_fee.stuID AND bill.termCode = student_fee.termCode
 (SELECT COALESCE(SUM(amount),0) As Payments,stuID,termCode,amount,paymentDate
 FROM payment 
 GROUP BY stuID,termCode) payment 
 ON bill.stuID = payment.stuID AND bill.termCode = payment.termCode
 LEFT JOIN person ON bill.stuID = person.personID
 (SELECT amount AS LastPayment,stuID,termCode,paymentDate AS PaymentDate
 FROM payment AS LastPaid
 WHERE paymentDate = ANY (SELECT MAX(paymentDate) FROM payment GROUP BY stuID,termCode)
 GROUP BY stuID,termCode) LastPaid 
 ON bill.stuID = LastPaid.stuID AND bill.termCode = LastPaid.termCode
GROUP BY bill.stuID,bill.termCode
HAVING COALESCE(SUM(CourseFees),0)+COALESCE(SUM(StuFees),0)+COALESCE(SUM(Payments),0) < '0'

The above query will generate a report similar to the screenshot below.

Student Account Balance


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