Student Acad Cred Detail Screen

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The Student Acad Cred Detail screen shows information about a particular student acad cred record. You can get to the SACD screen via the SPRO screen. Below is a screenshot as well as detailed information about this screen.


  1. Course sections are made from courses; so this gives the ID of the course, the name of the course, and the section number of the course section.
  2. Short Title of the course
  3. Subject of the course
  4. Department of the course
  5. Academic level and course level of the course
  6. If the course is offered at the home institution, then it will be an institutional credit.
  7. Start and end dates of the course
  8. Term and reporting term of the course
  9. Attempted credits and completed credits
  10. Grade and the calculated grade points based on completed credits and grade
  11. Registration status
  12. Registration date and time

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