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When a student is logged into eduTrac SIS, they can visit the Search Courses screen where they can register for courses. There are some important elements on the this particular screen that should be noted. See the screenshot and info below.


  1. Show: The first thing to note is the show filter. This filter allows you to see up to 100 courses at a time. When registering for a course, only the active page is enacted upon. This means that if you select a course on page one, and another on page two, when you click Add to Cart (4), only the course selected on active page will be the one submitted to the shopping cart. The same is true for the search (2) filter as well. So showing all courses will alleviate this problem.
  2. Search: The search functionality lets you search and limit the selection. Everything about a course is searchable, such as title, time, fee, course description and even professor.
  3. Information: Click the information icon to see more information about the course.
  4. Add to Cart: Click the box under the Select columnĀ of the courses you want to register for, then click add to cart and the courses will be added to the shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

Once you select the courses you want to register for and click Add to Cart, those courses will be added to your shopping cart (1). When you visit your shopping cart you should see the courses that you’ve added. From here you will be able to register for or remove the courses.


  1. Cart: Click this link to be directed to the shopping cart.
  2. Action: Under the action column for each course, you have the option of choosing Remove/Register. Make the desired selection for each course. Please note, that if a great deal of time has lapse, the only option that will be shown is remove. Furthermore, if they are not removed, the system will do so automatically.
  3. Register: Once you have made the appropriate selection for each course, click the Register button and you will either be registered into the courses or the courses will be removed depending on the choice you’ve made.

Dropping Courses

At the moment, there is no option on the student side that will allow them to drop courses before the drop/add period. If you need to drop or withdraw from a course, you will need to contact your Registrar’s Office.

Last Modified: Jan 20, 2016 @ 2:05 PM

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