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In eduTrac SIS (etSIS), you can use student restrictions to add FERPA, restrict a user from registering with 99 severity, and also set your own internal student restrictions. When a staff member uses the RGN screen, their is nothing stopping the staff member from registering the student with a 99 severity into a course.

At etSIS University, we are not bothered that a staff member can register a student into a course because the 99 severity could be conditional. However, we do have a business policy at etSIS University which states that if a student has a NOREG restriction with a 100 severity, even a staff member should not be allowed to register the student into a course.

Since this is a business policy and it is not a logic that is coded into etSIS, the question is how can we enforce this without it being a manual process of checking to make sure the student is eligible. The answer is creating a Registration Restriction Rule.

When Does the Rule Fire?

A registration restriction rule is fired or executed when a staff member tries to register a student into a course via the RGN screen.

How to Define?

To define a registration restriction rule, you must first visit the Rules Definition (RLDE) screen (see figure 1). Once you are there, you can define your business rule.

  • Description: Enter a short description of this rule.
  • Rule Code: Enter a unique code for this rule.
  • Department: What department does this restriction fall under. Only staff members who have permission to Access Forms, have Access to the Report Screen, or have Access to the Saved Query Screens will be able to add/view/edit rules.
  • Primary File: You must choose a primary file or database table to use. For this particular rule, you must use the person restrictions (PERC) file, and only the values belonging to this file.
  • Comment: This is optional and only for internal use to give more detail as to why this rule exists.

At etSIS University, our rule is defined as this:

  • If a student has the NOREG restriction
  • AND has a 100 Severity
  • AND the restriction has no End Date
Figure 1

Once the rule has been defined, we need to connect the rule to the Registration Restriction Rules (RRSR) screen (see figure 2) available via the RGN screen. On this screen we select the rule (Code), and then we enter a failure message (Value) that should be printed to the screen. In the failure message, you can use the following placeholders {name}, {stuID}, {deptName}, {deptEmail}, {deptPhone}

Figure 2

Now, when a staff member tries to register a student who meets the restriction, our failure message (see figure 3) will be printed to the screen, alerting the staff member as to why the student could not be registered into the course.

Figure 3
Figure 3

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