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My Menu appears in the myeduTrac self service menu navigation when a person is logged into the system. Both staff and students have access to this menu but may show different results based upon which population the logged in person is grouped in.

Figure 1

Student: The first option under my menu, seen in the screenshot above, is the one menu option viewable by students only. On a core installation of eduTrac SIS. Only two links are available: the student will be able to view his/her class schedule as well as check final grades (see figure 2).

Figure 2

If you have the Booking Module installed, then the Timetable option will appear for the student (see figure 3). This will allow the student to see his/her classes in calendar form.

If you have the Financial Module installed, then the Bills option will appear for the student (see figure 3). This will allow students to see their term bills, account history, and will allow them to pay bills online if enabled.

Figure 3

Applications: Following Student is the Applications link (see figure 1). This link redirects an applicant to the application he/she has on file. The applicant can view the application info which includes the application status (pending, under review, accepted).

Profile: Following Applications is the Profile link (see figure 1). This link redirects a logged in user to his/her profile. The logged in user cannot edit the profile. If your profile contains misinformation, you should contact your Registrar’s Office to have it corrected.

Change Password: Following Profile is the Change Password link (see figure 1). The logged in user will be able to update his/her password by entering the current password and then entering the new password.

Logout: Following Change Password is the Logout link (see figure 1). Click this link will log a person out of the system as well as delete any Cookies that were associated with the login.

Forms: If you have the myeduTrac Extended Module installed, you will see a Forms option following Student (see figure 4). There are three options under form:

  • Change of Address: A faculty, staff or student can submit a change of address if the person recently moved or their is misinformation for a current address. When the form is submitted, it goes to an email address set in the system, and the person who receives the email will be the one to update / add the address info.
  • Booking Request: If a faculty, staff or student needs to book a room or an event, they can submit a booking request.
  • School Photo: A faculty, staff or student can upload a school photo. If a photo isn’t uploaded a generic image will appear.
Figure 4

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