Mail Merge

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The mail merge feature allows you to use a saved query to generate mailing labels using Avery templates. In order to create a saved query, your fields must be listed in the following order (fname,lname,address1,address2,city,state,zip).

So, let’s say you wanted to¬†generate mailing labels for prospective students who have just been accepted to your institution. Your saved query would look something like the following example:

SELECT a.lname,a.fname,c.address1,c.address2,,c.state,
FROM person a
LEFT JOIN application b ON a.personID = b.personID
LEFT JOIN address c ON a.personID = c.personID
WHERE b.applStatus = 'Accepted'
AND b.applDate BETWEEN '2012-07-02' AND '2012-09-01'


Last Modified: Dec 24, 2015 @ 4:35 PM

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