Less Than 12 Report

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Some colleges only run classes for a particular term if enough students are registered into the course. This less than 12 report is an example query to use if your college needs to run a report to determine if a course is going to run. Change 12 to the minimum number set by your institution.

Release 6.3.x and above

SELECT DISTINCT COUNT(stcs.courseSecCode) AS "# of Students", CONCAT(course_sec.termCode,'-',course_sec.courseSecCode) AS "Course Section", course_sec.secShortTitle AS "Title", CONCAT(person.lname,', ',person.fname) AS 'Faculty',course_sec.roomCode AS 'Room',course_sec.dotw AS 'Meeting Day',CONCAT(course_sec.startTime,' to ',course_sec.endTime) AS 'Meeting Time'
FROM stcs
LEFT JOIN course_sec
ON stcs.courseSecCode = course_sec.courseSecCode AND stcs.termCode = course_sec.termCode
LEFT JOIN person
ON course_sec.facID = person.personID
WHERE stcs.termCode = '2013/FA'
AND stcs.status IN('A','N')
GROUP BY stcs.courseSecCode,stcs.termCode
HAVING COUNT(stcs.courseSecCode) < 12;


Release 6.2.x and below

SELECT DISTINCT COUNT(a.courseSecCode) AS "# of Students", CONCAT(b.termCode,'-',b.courseSecCode) AS "Course Section", b.secShortTitle AS "Title", CONCAT(c.lname,', ',fname) AS 'Faculty',b.roomCode AS 'Room',b.dotw AS 'Meeting Day',CONCAT(b.startTime,' to ',b.endTime) AS 'Meeting Time'

FROM stu_course_sec a

LEFT JOIN course_sec b

ON a.courseSecCode = b.courseSecCode AND a.termCode = b.termCode

LEFT JOIN person c

ON b.facID = c.personID

WHERE a.termCode = '13/FA'

GROUP BY a.courseSecCode,a.termCode

HAVING COUNT(a.courseSecCode) < 12;


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