Keyboard Shortcuts

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Sometimes when you want to navigate through screens, something quicker than the dropdown menu or the search function is needed. Since Release 4.3, some keyboard shortcuts have been added and they are listed below. There is shortcut support for both Mac and PC.

  1. alt+shift+s = SPRO screen (Student Profile)
  2. command+shift+a OR ctrl+shift+a = NAE Screen (Name and Address)
  3. command+shift+p OR ctrl+shift+p = PROG Screen (Academic Program)
  4. alt+shift+x = SECT Screen (Course Section)
  5. command+shift+r = CRSE screen (Course)
  6. command+alt+r OR ctrl+alt+r = RGN Screen (Course Registration)
  7. command+alt+b OR ctrl+alt+b = BRGN Screen (Batch Registration)
  8. command+alt+s OR ctrl+alt+s = STAF Screen (Staff)
  9. alt+shift+a = APER Screen (Add Person)
  10. alt+shift+p = APRG Screen (Add Program)
  11. alt+shift+r = ACRS Screen (Add Course)
  12. alt+x = Let’s you exit any screen and returns you back to the Dashboard.

Last Modified: May 25, 2015 @ 10:08 PM

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