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In eduTrac SIS, there is a hide links function which allows you to hide a particular link in the screens menu or on a particular screen. This is valuable if you would like to hide the link to a screen in order to replace it with a custom screen.


hl($f, $p = NULL);


$f – (required) Name of the function.

$p – (optional) Name of the permission.


<li<?=hl('settings', 'edit_settings');?><a href="<?= get_base_url(); ?>setting/"> <?= _t('General Settings'); ?></a></li>


function settings() {
return false;

List of Functions

Below is a list of functions that can be used to hide particular links or overridden along with the user permissions.

  • settings – Uses the edit_settings permission.
  • general_settings – Uses the edit_settings permission.
  • registration_settings – Uses the edit_settings permission.
  • email_settings – Uses the edit_settings permission.
  • cron_jobs – Uses the edit_settings permission.
  • permissions – Uses the access_permission_screen permission.
  • roles – Uses the access_role_screen permission.
  • errorlogs – Uses the access_error_log_screen permission.
  • audit_trail – Uses the access_audit_trail_screen permission.
  • automatic_update – Uses the edit_settings permission.
  • forms – Uses the access_forms permission.
  • importer – Uses the import_data permission.
  • human_resources – Uses the access_human_resources permission.
  • timesheets – Uses the submit_timesheets permission.
  • SQL – Uses the access_sql permission.
  • sql_interface – Uses the access_sql_interface_screen permission.
  • add_savequery – Uses the access_save_query_screens permission.
  • savequery – Uses the access_save_query_screens permission.
  • csv_email – Uses the access_save_query_screens permission.
  • applications – Uses the access_application_screen permission.

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