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The external course (EXTR) screen is where you add courses from other institutions. You will most likely come to this screen when you are looking at a transcript and you need to enter in the external courses from the external institution before you can set a transfer equivalency.


  1. Select the name of the external institution.
  2. The course name can be entered in any format you choose (i.e. MATH-101; MATH*101, MATH 101). Nevertheless, it is advised that your institution chooses a standard, so that there is uniformity.
  3. The start date could be any date you choose, but make sure that it occurs before the start of the term (#8).
  4. In most cases you will not know this information, but you should enter the end date when this course is no longer being offered at the external institution or the course has been replaced by another.
  5. Enter the title of the external course.
  6. Enter the minimum number of credits an individual typically receives from the transfer institution for this course.
  7. Enter the minimum grade that an individual must receive for the transfer course in order to receive the equivalency.
  8. Enter the term for the course that is on the transcript.
  9. Enter the status for the external course.
  10. Enter any comments you deem necessary.
External courses are not static. Sometimes you may need to shift the start date and the term. For example, if you are looking at another transfer student’s transcript, if they took the same course from the same institution a few semesters back, all you need to do is readjust the info and continue to use this external course with it’s equivalency.

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