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eduTrac SIS is a powerful open source student information system for higher education. Out of the box and without any extra modules, it is fast, lightweight, responsive and has many features. The system has everything one would need to manage an institution’s daily tasks and routines. eduTrac SIS is unlike many of the other open source SIS’s out there and may require more technical assistance.

To give you a good handle on what eduTrac SIS has to offer, below is a list of concise list of features.

* Indicates that a feature is only available via one of the modules.

Person Module

  • Create person records
  • Search for person by name or person ID
  • View person profiles
  • Set person role(s)/permission(s)
  • Manager person roles/permissions
  • Create application for prospective students
  • Generate staff (academic / administrative) records from person screen

Course Module

  • Add / manage courses
  • Set effective date of course
  • Make course inactive and set end date
  • Add course description
  • Set course prerequisites
  • Setup Transfer Courses

Student Module

  • Manage student profiles
  • Search for student by name or student ID
  • View student’s academic credits
  • Manage student restrictions
  • Graduate students from their program
  • Generate student transcripts
  • Assign student academic program
  • Assign student academic advisor
  • Assign catalog year
  • Toggle active/inactive student status
  • Withdraw student from the institution
  • Withdraw students from courses
  • Drop student from course(s)

Course Section Module

  • Manage course sections
  • Enter offering information for course section
  • * Enter billing information
  • * Book classroom space and times
  • Register students into course sections
  • Print student roster
  • Print course catalogs
  • * Faculty can view timetable
  • Faculty can view their course sections
  • * Faculty can create and grade assignments
  • * Faculty can email students
  • * Manage gradebooks
  • * Export gradebook
  • Export final grades
  • * Export graded assignments

Staff Module

  • Manage staff profiles
  • Search for staff by name or staff ID
  • Toggle active/inactive staff status

Application Module

  • Manage applications of prospectives
  • Add institutions attended
  • Create student record from application

Administrative Module

  • Basic system settings
  • Configure settings for course registration
  • Manage system cron jobs
  • Manage permissions
  • Manage roles
  • * View error logs
  • * View audit trail
  • Assign student academic advisor
  • Assign catalog year
  • Toggle active/inactive student status
  • Withdraw student from the institution
  • Withdraw students from courses
  • Drop student from courses
  • Super admin can switch between profiles

* Communication Module

  • Create customized email templates
  • Schedule emails to be sent to faculty, staff, students or everyone based on a saved query

Forms Module

  • Setup / manage semesters
  • Setup / manage terms
  • Setup / manage academic years
  • Setup / manage admin/academic departments
  • Setup / manage subjects
  • Setup / manage student load rules
  • Setup / manage academic degrees
  • Setup / manage majors
  • Setup / manage minors
  • Setup / manage CCD’s
  • Setup / manage specializations
  • Setup / manage CIP codes
  • Setup / manage restriction codes
  • Setup / manage locations
  • Setup / manage buildings
  • Setup / manage rooms
  • Setup / manage schools
  • Setup / manage grading scale

* Finance Module

  • General Ledger
  • Setup billing table for student account
  • Search student bills grouped by term
  • Search results indicates if bill has a balance
  • Generate single or batched bills
  • Add fees
  • Add payments
  • Issue refunds

* Booking Module

  • Room / Event request form
  • Room / Event booking form
  • Events list view
  • Pending requests list view
  • Email and category settings
  • Check availability to avoid double booking
  • Display events, courses, and holidays in the calendar
  • Color coded event categories
  • Hovering over events displays more info
  • Monthly, weekly and daily calendar view
  • Navigate between months

SQL Module

  • Utilize SQL terminal to run advanced ad-hoc reports to be exported in several different formats

Human Resource Module

  • Search employees
  • View current and previous positions held
  • Add new position for employee
  • Setup pay grades
  • Create and manage job titles with hourly wage and hours per week
  • * Manage submitted timesheets
  • * Approve / Reject timesheets


  • Students can view, search, register for courses
  • * Students can view timetable
  • * Students can view bills
  • * Students can pay bill online
  • View schedule for a particular term
  • * View graded assignments
  • View final grades
  • * Apply Online
  • * Submit Room/Even Request
  • Submit Change of Address

Academic Program Module

  • Manage academic programs
  • Set program effective date
  • Make program inactive and set end date
  • Add effective catalog year


  • * Use importer to import data from a previous system
  • * Staff can submit timesheets
  • Easily get to a screen by entering the screen’s acronym into the search box
  • A few statistics on the dashboard
  • Set cron job for daily backups
  • Plugins system
  • Plugins API

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