Admissions Funnel

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The admissions funnel allows you to see applications and statuses grouped by term. You can manipulate the report by using the filters in order to see the data you need and want. When you drill down on a particular term on the report, you will see more information in the admissions funnel as seen below.


As you can see above, drilling down on term 13/FA, we see the 3 applicants that were accepted and moved to student. The two columns to pay close attention to in this report is Enrolled First Term and Enrolled Next Term.

Enrolled first term is based on whether the first registration matches the start term on the student’s application. Enrolled next term lets you know if the student registered for the next term. With theses two pieces of information, you can see how many students register for the next or not.

As you investigate the information, you can see whether or not the student just took a term off or whether or not the student is on hiatus. This report is very useful when you conduct meetings around student retention.

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