The Future of eduTrac SIS

Over the past two years since the release of eduTrac SIS, customers as well as community users have given constructive criticism on the system as well as suggestions for new features. There are a plethora of new features and enhancements that are on the roadmap for eduTrac SIS, however, they are currently on hold for several reasons which will be given in more detail below.

The main reason why eduTrac SIS was built was to give the education community a top notch student information system that was easily accessible, secure, intuitive as well as affordable. Even though that was the goal, it met with plenty of opposition.

The Future is Bright

On one hand, there were those that said that no one will take is serious if it was free. Then there were those that said the cost was too cheap, and then there were those that stated the cost was too high. Listening to the many voices and suggestions about the cost structure caused detriment to the eduTrac ecosystm more than helped it.

So, here we are now talking about the future of eduTrac SIS. Before going any further, let me state that eduTrac SIS is still being developed and plenty of new features are planned for the foreseeable future. However, a decision was made to bridge the community and enterprise versions into a common core which will be accessible to any and everyone. This decision will help restore that which was broken and do what is best for eduTrac SIS as a whole.

One Codebase to Rule Them All

The common core will basically become the new, free community edition. One codebase, one edition, freely accessible. The common core is currently being developed using a new framework called Liten. By using Liten, eduTrac SIS will be 100% restful allowing for much easier and rapid development as well as make it easier to develop plugins and extensions for third party applications (i.e. Moodle, eFront, etc.).

Another important reason for porting eduTrac SIS to a new framework is for decoupling and modularity. Users can use the new community version and extend the system by purchasing any of the available modules as needed. Again, this makes for a better eduTrac SIS ecosystem and makes it much more affordable for everyone. The modules will be easy to install, just plug and play. Once the new community version is ready, the following modules will be available for purchase. Please note that the following may change between now and when the new community version is released.

Permission KeyPermission NameDescription
edit_settingsEdit SettingsCan edit general and registration settings.
access_audit_trail_screenAudit Trail LogsCan view Audit Trail logs
access_sql_interface_screenSQL Interface ScreenCan view screen and run SQL reports
access_course_screenCourse ScreenCan access course search screen
access_student_screenStudent ScreenCan access student search screen
access_plugin_screenPlugin ScreenCan activate/deactivate plugins and manipulate plugin settings
access_role_screenRole ScreenCan add new custom roles
access_user_role_screenUser Role ScreenCan manipulate a person's role(s)
access_user_permission_screenUser Permission ScreenCan manipulate a person's permission(s)
access_course_sec_screenCourse Section ScreenCan access course section search screen
add_course_secAdd Course SectionCan create new courses
course_sec_inquiry_onlyCourse Section Inquiry OnlyCan only view course sections
course_inquiry_onlyCourse Inquiry OnlyCan only view courses
access_person_screenPerson ScreenCan access person search screen
add_personAdd PersonCan add new person account
access_acad_prog_screenAcademic Program ScreenCan access academic program search screen
add_acad_progAdd Academic ProgramCan create new academic programs
acad_prog_inquiry_onlyAcademic Program Inquiry OnlyCan only view academic programs
access_error_log_screenError Log ScreenCan access the error log screen
access_student_portalStudent Portal
access_cronjob_screenCronjob ScreenCan set cron job time intervals
add_addressAdd AddressCan add new mailing addresses
address_inquiry_onlyAddress Inquiry OnlyCan only view mailing addresses
general_inquiry_onlyGeneral Inquiry Only
student_inquiry_onlyStudent Inquiry OnlyCan only view student records
access_plugin_admin_pagePlugin Admin Page
access_save_query_screensSave Query Screens
create_stu_recordCreate Student RecordCan `stu` a person or make a person a student
reset_person_passwordReset Person PasswordCan reset a person's password
register_studentsRegister StudentsCan register students into courses
access_stu_roster_screenAccess Student Roster ScreenCan print student rosters
access_grading_screenGrading ScreenCan grade courses (Faculty only)
access_bill_tbl_screenBilling Table ScreenCan setup billing tables
add_crse_sec_billAdd Course Sec BillingCan add fees to course sections
import_dataImport DataCan import data
add_courseAdd CourseCan create new courses
person_inquiry_onlyPerson Inquiry OnlyCan only view person records
room_requestRoom RequestCan request rooms for meetings (Coming soon!)
activate_course_secActivate Course Section
cancel_course_secCancel Course Section
access_institutions_screenAccess Institutions Screen
add_institutionAdd Institution
access_application_screenAccess Application Screen
create_applicationCreate Application
access_staff_screenStaff Screen
staff_inquiry_onlyStaff Inquiry Only
create_staff_recordCreate Staff RecordCan create new staff/faculty members
graduate_studentsGraduate Students
generate_transcriptsGenerate Transcripts
access_student_accountsAccess Student AccountsCan access student account menu items
student_account_inquiry_onlyStudent Account Inquiry Only
restrict_edit_profileRestrict Edit ProfileRestrict a person from editing their personal profile
access_general_ledgerAccess General Ledger
login_as_userLogin as UserCan login as another user
access_academicsAccess Academics
access_financialsAccess FinancialsCan access financials menu items
access_human_resourcesAccess Human ResourcesCan access human resources menu items
submit_timesheetsSubmit Timesheets
access_sqlAccess SQLCan access SQL menu items
access_person_mgmtAccess Person ManagementCan access person menu items
access_payment_gatewayAccess Payment Gateway
access_gradebookAccess Gradebook
execute_saved_queryExecute Saved QueryMust be assigned to role or person in order to run saved queries.
submit_final_gradesSubmit Final Grades

Then What?

After the release of the new community version, the roadmap will be revisited and then published on the git repository for everyone to see and comment. If you want to get involved with the continued development of eduTrac, take the time to learn the new Liten Framework and become an active member of the community.

Where’s the Book

The development of the eduTrac book was started a few months ago. It will be available in several formats: hardback/paper, Kindle, online. The book should be available by the beginning of the fall semester. The book will be extensive and cover everything from installation to management to understanding your data. There is also a chance to get free, unlimited access to the online version of the book. For more information, click here.