eduTrac SIS 6.3.0 RC2

eduTrac SIS 6.3.0 RC2 is now available for download and testing. This release candidate should not be used for production and is *only* to be used for testing purposes only. Download and install as a new installation. Below is what’s new in this release candidate and what needs testing.

  • New flash messages and better error checking with messages.
  • New SMS setting screen; new SMS sending screen. If you have a Twilio account, please test this thoroughly. If it works, then it will be integrated into other areas of the application. Create a new permission and add it to a role(s): Permission Name: Send SMS; Permission Key: send_sms.
  • Cronjob Handler has been updated to use NodeQ. Click Run for any handler, and you should receive an email message as long as the etsis-smtp plugin is installed and activated. Then make sure to navigate to the settings screen to change the password for proper testing of cronjob.
  • There have been 44 commits since the last release candidate. You can check them out to see what else has been added and/or updated.
  • New functions and classes in 6.3.0.

The next project is to put the finishing touches on the business rules engine. This will be available for full testing in RC3.

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