Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Are the Updates?

Updates are scheduled to happen once a month. If a bug is found, then an update will be available shortly after.

Is eduTrac SIS Free

Yes, eduTrac SIS is free and open source.

Where Can I Download eduTrac SIS?

You can create a free account to download the latest release.

Can I Install eduTrac SIS on a Shared Hosting Environment?

It is strongly discouraged to install eduTrac SIS on a shared hosting environment. Nevertheless, eduTrac SIS is built in a way in which it will work on a shared hosting environment without taking up much resource or constantly loading unnecessary amount of data at one time.

If you are looking for a hosting provider, DigitalOcean is the way to go. DigitalOcean is the best place to go to setup a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Disclaimer: The above link to DigitalOcean is a referral link. Please consider using if you deem the project worthy.

Can I Hire You for Customizations?

No. eduTrac SIS is open source, freely available, and you will need to work closely with a PHP developer if you need or require customizations. This is where the wiki and developer handbook will be most useful. However, help is available is you have questions about the REST and plugin API.