Single Value Versus Multi Value Data

As with most users of a system, they are unaware of how the data is organized or interconnected. It’s been stated time and time again, that the philosophy behind eduTrac is historical data. Therefore, single value and multi value data play an important role.

Single value data is data that is one of a kind or only one can exist. Let’s take “first name” for example. A person can only have one first name. Now, the person could change his or her first name, but he or she can still only have one first name.

In contrast to single value data, multi value data means that more than one can exist. Let’s use “address” for example. One person could have multiple addresses in the system. He or she could have a permanent address, apartment address, and work address. Multi value data is what makes eduTrac a great solution for colleges, universities, and seminaries.

Furthermore, one person could have multiple address records, multiple academic program records, multiple course records, and so forth. This is the beauty of eduTrac. You can keep these types of multi value data instead of replacing it with new data. In connection with single and multi value data are single and multi value foreign keys. However, if you would like to learn more, signup for our free webinar entitled, “Understanding Your Data.” In the meantime, you can also check out the article entitled, “Why Choose eduTrac ERP: Historical Data.”