Why Choose eduTrac SIS: Historical Data

This is the first in a series of posts that will answer the question, “Why Choose eduTrac SIS?” Many prospective customers check out the demo site, edit info, and add info but from the offset, they don’t know the inner workings of the system or what goes on behind the scenes. etSIS’s feature set is enormous and can be a bit overwhelming at first. Nevertheless, it is our hope that you get a better grasp of the system, how powerful it is, and why you should consider using it.

The feature we will focus on today in this post is historical data. Historical data is probably the most important feature that should be present in a college management system. Without this feature, the system is pretty much crippled. An institution needs to be able to retrieve past data in case an issue may arise later on or you need to create a statistical report for enrollment.

Furthermore, I should clarify on what we mean with regards to historical data. With some systems, if a student has an address change, a staff member will need to override the previous address with the new address. This is not what we mean when we talk about historical data. With our ERP system, you can keep the student’s old address, give it an ‘Inactive’ status and add a new address for the student. Moreover this is how the majority of information is handled in eduTrac SIS.

In closing, below is a short list of what pieces of data are handled historically in the eduTrac SIS system.

CoursesIf a course has a change in credits or description, you can set an inactive status and inactive date on the old course and recreate a new version of the course.

Billing TableThe billing table allows you to set up student fees. If a fee is increased for the next year, just deactivate the old version of the fee and add the new fee with the new amount and give it an active status.

Academic ProgramsThis is handled similar to the way you would handle courses. If there is a significant change in a program, make the old one inactive and create new one. The only difference from the course, is that the new program should have a different program code from the old one.

Staff PositionsIs a staffer or faculty member switched positions within the institution, you can make the old position inactive and add a new staff position record.

Student Load RulesCreate rules to set a students status (full time, quarter time, half time, less than half time) based on number of credits taken for a given semester. If the institution decides to change student load status for a particular population, set the old rule to inactive and create a new rule.

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