Register for a free account and be notified of new releases, changes, bug fixes, and access to download eduTrac SIS for free. If you are not interested in creating an account at this time, you can download the system from SourceForge:
For production deployments of eduTrac SIS, or wherever priority case handling is required. It includes faster response times and expedited solutions for critical production issues.
$250/month support subscription
A mission critical server setup, installation, and deployment of eduTrac SIS.
$60.00 for one month
Get unlimited access and updates to all the modules. You may cancel at anytime.
$75.00 for each month
Suitable for non-critical eduTrac SIS deployments where longer service level agreements (SLAs) are acceptable and quick fixes for production deployments are not required.
$160/month support subscription
For mission-critical deployments of eduTrac SIS that require the top most level of support with the fastest response times and solutions across live chat or web inquiries.
$375/month support subscription
A mission critical server setup, installation and deployment of eduTrac SIS which includes continuous service, updates, and maintenance of the server as well as for your eduTrac SIS installation.


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