eduTrac SIS 5.0.5 Security Release

The eduTrac SIS 5.0.5 security release is now available for download. If you are currently running the 5.x series, it is vitally important that you upgrade your installations as soon as possible. This security release plugs a hole in the v1 api allowing for public access as well as public access […]

eduTrac SIS 5.0.4 Maintenance Release

The eduTrac SIS 5.0.4 maintenance release is available for download. This release enhances the API for automatic updates and also adds a plugin install. We have always encouraged that users keep their  installations up to date as possible. Now, it is easier to do with automatic updates.

eduTrac SIS 5.0.2 Maintenance Release

A new maintenance release is now available for download. It includes a few bug fixes as well as a Spanish and Portuguese language file. The translations may not be 100% correct and it is definitely not a finished translation. If you would like to help with the translation, please refer […]

eduTrac SIS 5.0 Release

Today is an exciting day, and I am happy to announce that eduTrac SIS 5.0 is here. This release is dedicated to the music composer Scott Joplink. eduTrac SIS 5.0 is a complete rewrite using our very own Liten Framework. eduTrac is now more modular than it was before which […]

eduTrac CE 4.5

eduTrac version 4.5 of the community edition has just been released. As previously mentioned, eduTrac CE and eduTrac ERP are going to merge into a common core application which will allow for more flexibility in development and a better restful api. This upgrade is more of a bridge in preparation […]

The Future of eduTrac SIS

Over the past two years since the release of eduTrac SIS, customers as well as community users have given constructive criticism on the system as well as suggestions for new features. There are a plethora of new features and enhancements that are on the roadmap for eduTrac SIS, however, they […]