Assigning User Roles

After creating a new person record, you will need to assign a role to the person, otherwise, he/she will only have access to the dashboard when logged in. In order to assign a role to a person, navigate to the NAE screen and search for the person. When the person […]

Creating Customized Roles

eduTrac comes with several default user roles which has permissions connected to them. But what if you need user roles which are much more flexible than the default. No worries, you can create customized roles with user permissions that fit better with your institution’s needs. Let’s say that you have […]

CSV Templates

The below csv templates can be used in order to import data into eduTrac SIS if you are migrating from a different system. Most of the templates contain example data for you to follow. Release 6.3.x and above Download “etSIS 6.3x Import Templates” – Downloaded 108 times – 13 […]

Assigning Person Type

When creating a new person record, you should assign a person type. There are several users that may fall into more than one person type. Nevertheless, you should assign the person type with the highest authority. Below are a few examples to follow. If a user is a student as […]

Auto Generated Password

User passwords are auto generated when the administrator creates a new person record. Their is a hierarchy for creating user passwords and that hierarchy is specified below. This is also true when an administrator resets a person’s password. In either case, the password will be suffixed with etSIS*. Please┬ánote that […]