Professors can create assignments per course section and grade those assignments as well. Furthermore, each course section has its own gradebook. The instructions below shows you how the gradebook is organized.   My Course Sections Screen Course Section Gradebook – The gradebook icon will only appear if one assignment exists […]

Quick Importer

If you are needing to move data over to eduTrac from a previous system, then this is where the quick importer comes in.   The quick importer is very easy to use. All you need to do is prepare your data per the headings found on the .csv templates. Once […]

Batch Fees

Batch fees makes creating bills and adding student fees much easier than adding to each student one by one. You must have the financial module in order to generate student bills.   You can choose from three populations in order to create batch bills or add batch fees: by program, […]

myetSIS CSS Editor

You can style the frontend of the myetSIS portal by using the CSS editor located under the Admin section of the frontend. For your convenience, you can find below the sections¬†with the CSS selectors you will need to style the frontend. When styling the frontend, if after refreshing your browser […]

Course vs. Course Section

The one thing to understand about a `Course` is that it is a template. What you already understand about a template is that for the most part it is static and unchanging. When a student registers, they are not registering into a course. They are registering into a section of […]

Graduating Students

When graduating students, you will need to create a saved query that will grab the ID’s of students who are eligible to graduate (graduation flag set to 1).