Become Familiar with the Database

In order to effectively run reports, one needs to become familiar with the database. There are two commands which can help. The first command is `show tables`. When you run this command, it will give you a list of all the tables in the database. The second command begins with […]


eduTrac SIS (etSIS) has a very simple RESTful API. When you install etSIS, you will need to add an api key on the General Settings screen. You can get a unique api key by visiting API Structure and Design (C)reate > POST /api/table (R)ead > GET /api/table (R)ead > GET /api/table/column/data […]

Student Load Rules

Student load rules are used to set a student’s load status for a given term based on the number of credits registered. You can enter any number of rules using the Student Load Rule form found under ‘Forms’. Due to the fact that full time and half time statuses are […]

Student Restrictions

The student restrictions screen allows you to place a hold or restriction on a student/student’s account. Restriction Codes can be added to the system by using the Restriction Code form found under “Forms”. Before registering students into a course or handing out a transcript, the staffer should first check to […]

Add, Drop and Withdrawal

Below are the following rules that pertain to add, drop and withdrawal statuses in connection with the add/drop dates specified on your terms.  If the posted status is ‘W’ or ‘D’ and today’s date is less than the primary term start date, then delete all student course sec records as well […]