Update: Release 6.3.0 Delayed

Due to the holidays, sickness, and the extensive changes in code, the release of 6.3.0 has fallen a bit behind. We hope to have a new ETA in a couple of weeks. Also, the webinar scheduled for next week has also been cancelled.

2016 Year in Review

Intro eduTrac SIS (etSIS) has been downloaded 6,215 times which is 625 more downloads than last year. Below are some other statistics you may be interested in as well. # Commits to Git: 197 # Forum Topics: 101 # Forum Replies: 747 # New Users: 169 # Lines of Code: […]

Registration Restriction Rule

In eduTrac SIS (etSIS), you can use student restrictions to add FERPA, restrict a user from registering with 99 severity, and also set your own internal student restrictions. When a staff member uses the RGN screen, their is nothing stopping the staff member from registering the student with a 99 […]

Business Rules Intro

What is a Business Rule? According to Wikipedia: A business rule is a rule that defines or constrains some aspect of business and always resolves to either true or false. Business rules are intended to assert business structure or to control or influence the behavior of the business. Examples of Business […]

eduTrac SIS 6.2.11 Maintenance Release

eduTrac SIS 6.2.11 maintenance release is available for download/upgrade. To find out more information about this release, visit the release page @ Release 6.2.11. Current Installations For those who are currently using eduTrac SIS, it is recommended that you do a manual upgrade. Click here to download the update. Before doing the […]

Custom Routers and Views

It wasn’t advertised or was made known, but since the release of 6.2.7, you have the ability to do even greater customizations of the system without worrying about updates destroying your work. This is an alternative solution to doing custom fields. Here are a list of routers you can override: […]