What’s New in Upcoming 5.0.13 Release

Addendum: This release became a major release instead of a maintenance release. Check out this post for more info. The new maintenance release is just around the corner, however this is much more than a maintenance release. The next release will feature quite a few bug fixes, new features and […]

Proposed 2015 Roadmap

Addendum: Check out the development site for a fuller version of eduTrac SIS’s roadmap. There are not a lot of major updates or new features for eduTrac SIS for the remainder to 2015, but there are some minor changes and enhancements that you should be made aware of. Also note […]

How to Override Default Screens

If you are not aware, eduTrac SIS has a hide links function which allows you to override default screens with your own custom screens. By replacing default screens with your own custom screens, you won’t have to worry about your changes being overwritten by an automatic update. Why would  you […]

Upcoming SQL Online Webinar

One of the best things about eduTrac SIS is that you can extract the data you need, when you need it and without limits. However, in order to generate effective reports, you have to be knowledgable about structured query language (SQL). Interested in learning how to generate better reports? Join […]

Workflow for Withdrawing a Student

Every now and again, an institution will need to handle requests for withdrawing a student from the institution. There is a difference between dropping and withdrawal. When withdrawing a student from a course and/or the institution, use this guide in order to have a better understanding of what happens to courses and […]