eduTrac SIS 6.3.0 – Holst

Please note, that in order to run 6.3.0, your server must be using a minimum of PHP 5.6. The long awaited eduTrac SIS 6.3.0 also known as Holst is finally here! It is sporting a few new tweaks, code refactoring and the pièce de résistance, the new Business Rules engine. […]

Database Migration to Release 6.3.0

Make sure to read through these steps several times before attempting to migrate your database for use with release 6.3.0 First and foremost, you must be using the latest release 6.2.11 or 6.2.12 before attempting this migration. If you are not using any of those releases, then you will need to […]

Screen Acronyms

In eduTrac SIS (etSIS), there are several ways you can navigate to different screens. You can click the Screens button in the top admin bar, or you can navigate the through the sidebar. However, the quickest way to navigate screens is by entering an acronym into the search field located in the […]

System Modules

Below is a list of current modules that’s included in the Modules Bundle. ModuleDescription Booking ModuleThis module can be used to book room/classroom space, book for events and meetings, and includes an institution calendar, faculty timetables as well as student timetables. Timesheet ModuleThe timesheet modules allows for workstudy students and […]

Update: Release 6.3.0 Delayed

Due to the holidays, sickness, and the extensive changes in code, the release of 6.3.0 has fallen a bit behind. We hope to have a new ETA in a couple of weeks. Also, the webinar scheduled for next week has also been cancelled.

2016 Year in Review

Intro eduTrac SIS (etSIS) has been downloaded 6,215 times which is 625 more downloads than last year. Below are some other statistics you may be interested in as well. # Commits to Git: 197 # Forum Topics: 101 # Forum Replies: 747 # New Users: 169 # Lines of Code: […]